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About Vetek

Vetek is a Swedish company with more than 20 years experience in the field of Developing and Manufacturing Scales. In addition to a broad product offering, we have one of the most attractive Robust and Portable Scales for weighing and batching of gases or any type of mobile weighing.

We have a strong focus on integrating our Scale products with additional functions as bar code printing, different communication systems, wired or wireless, connecting to PC, LapTop and PDAs. Vetek supplies to commercial enterprises, institutions and private persons and our goal is to provide high quality products at competitive prices, together with excellent service and support.

At our popular on-line web shop it is easy to find and order a wide variety of scales, Scales like Personal scales, Baby scales, Platform scales, Tank weighing systems and Weighing Blocks. Our policy is to execute standard product orders within 24 hours. The market for scale products is steadily increasing and we keep a strong position as the preferred supplier to our customers within the EU countries.

Vetek is located north Stockholm, Sweden, one hours drive from the Arlanda airport.
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Vetek AB
Box 79, Industrivagen 3
S-760 40 Vaddo Sweden
Tel +46 176208920
Fax +46 176-208929


Vetek Weighing AB
Box 79, Industriv. 3
S-760 40 Väddö

Phone: +46 176-208920
Fax: +46 176-208929


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