Sunday, September 20, 2020

Babykiddo. Change mat and scale in one.

babykiddo is a lovely new change mat with built-in weighing scales, which provides the possibility to follow the child’s development.

babykiddo change mat is developed according to the conventional guidelines regarding safety and size.
The specially designed built-in baby scale is a great help, for example to first-time mothers who want to ensure that the child is developing according to expectations.
The daily weighing and the immediate status is a positive option that provides reassurance.
The babykiddo cover is 100% cotton and is removable and washable.The inner core is a newly developed, elastic foam material that is water resistant.
The babykiddo change mat contains a specially designed baby weighing scale that is one of the most precise on the market.

Babykiddo A simple and discrete display with the most important functions: 
A “Hold” function that ensures correct weighing, even if the child moves.
An “On/off” function so that you can decide when the child is weighed.

Size of changing mattress in accordance with European standard
Comfortable and safe design
Special attention to baby’s health
CE approved quality scale
Weight indication: 0 - 20 kg
Simple and user-friendly weight display design
A 100% EPE foam centre
No direct contact with PVC or heavy metals
The cover is 100% cotton and is removable and washable

Scandinavia’s leading weighing scales company Vetek Weighing AB is behind the development of the quality scales, which is CE approved.



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